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Smokefree is a new, cutting edge application aiming to assist the person who wants to stop smoking. It is based on valid and tested psychological premises that are used to support one's journey towards a life free from the bondage to smoking. It acts as a "red button" that will assist you in moments of cravings and will give you knowledge to handle them.

This application has 4 major elements:
- It is practical: it allows you to calculate things like the money you have saved since you stopped smoking, the amount of tar and nicotine you have set yourself free from and more.
- It is motivational: It reminds you who you are doing this for and gives you encouragement to keep going when the going gets tough. It is your place to go when you are facing a hard moment with smoke cravings.
- It helps you commit to your decision: Specially designed tasks have been created based on the science of psychology that are designed to help you create a more solid foundation in your brain for your decision to stop smoking.
- It is educational: It gives you useful insights on what to expect and how to handle it. This part taps into a variety of subjects such as: the psychology of will power, what is causing you cravings, the psychology of habit formation, neuropsychology and more. Knowledge is power and this part is giving you the appropriate knowledge to have power over your decision!

We hope you enjoy it