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Smog Alert

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Smog Alert

Breathe consciously. With Smog Alert, you can check the current air quality index in many locations around the world.

Smog Alert doesn't measure the level of air pollution – your smartphone doesn't have any sensor that can measure the level of smog. The application focuses on local action, retrieving information from more than 3,000 air quality testing stations in both large cities and smaller towns.

See what kind of air you breathe every day! Daily air quality alerts in your area will help you to do this.

Smog Alert – all the most important information about air quality in one place!
– Controlling the state of air pollution in more than 3000 cities around the world
– Real-time air report
– Air quality alerts on an hourly basis
– Automatically locates the nearest measurement stations when the GPS module is turned on in the smartphone
– Easily select a different station (other than the nearest one) from the map or drop-down list

Not enough? Select Premium plan and get more features:
– No Ads
– Personalize the alerts – select the exact time and station from which you want to receive alerts
– Personalize the application – change the units of data presentation and the number of nearest measurement stations

Air quality data is not modified by the Smog Alert system – it is displayed in source form.
Kacper Dziubek