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Smashpoint Tennis Tracker

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Smashpoint Tennis Tracker

Selected as #1 tennis tracker by AppPicker and is used by ATP, WTA, and ITF coaches around the world. Best in class tennis app to track a match live or enter complete results.

Live Scoring: Track your tennis scores, shots, and stats like a pro
Simple, yet extremely powerful tennis score tracker for your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. With just one tap you can track players or your own score during a match. For experts Smashpoint offers detailed shot tracking and statistics for every match as seen on the pro tennis tour.
• Match and practice entry
• Live match scoring (3 modes)
• Match + shot statistics
• Point by point history
• H2H + Player stats

Apple Watch Tracker: Your Private Tennis Brain
Keep track of your own scores during match play with one simple tap. Smashpoint will calculate rich stats after every match so you can gain insights about your strength and weaknesses and get ready for the next battle. Need more stats and match insights? Simply select the advanced or expert mode to dig deeper into your tennis match performance.


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