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SmartPulse Heart Rate Monitor

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SmartPulse Heart Rate Monitor

With SmartPulse, you can keep everything related to your health under control.

You can track your pulse and record it regularly.
SmartPulse also offers Apple Watch support for accurate measurements.

Does the busy work life pace throughout the day wear you out? Are there things in your life that are not going well? Then we recommend you to try our professionally prepared meditation content thanks to the meditation feature included in SmartPulse.

Drinking water is very important for our health. However, almost everyone forgets to drink water during the day and does not make it a habit. Thanks to SmartPulse, you can track your water and receive notifications at times you specify.

Blood pressure is important. But do you record blood pressure even though you have regular blood pressure measurements? Thanks to SmartPulse, you can now record your blood pressure measurements and get information about your blood pressure.

Do you want to quit smoking? Since when are you not smoking? Now, with SmartPulse, you can track daily from the date you quit smoking, and you can calculate the total number of days you quit and how many you do not smoke by receiving notifications.

Women are valuable to us. For our esteemed female users, we recommend you to use our period tracking feature, where you can follow the period and see what the next date will be.

How many steps do you take a day? Per week and month? Thanks to SmartPulse, you can see the entire step statistics.

How regularly do you sleep? What time does you wake up? What time do you go to bed? Thanks to SmartPulse, you can view all your sleep statistics and receive detailed notifications.

You can quickly reach the emergency phone numbers in the country you are in and direct the phone call through with SmartPulse.

You can view the hospitals in your location on the map, and in case of urgent need, you can get directions quickly.

In natural disasters, especially earthquakes, etc. frequently needed loud noises save lives. Thanks to the whistle feature in SmartPulse, you can declare your place with three different loud sounds.

Some Important In-App Features
* Measures your heart rate using your smartphone camera or Apple Watch.
* All data you save in the application content is saved in the Health application and can be accessed from there whenever you want.
* You can listen to meditation content offline.
* You can view all the data you have saved on a daily, weekly and monthly basis.
* You can set your mode in the application as you want and save your heart rate measurements according to this mode.

Things To Pay Attention To When Using The Application
* Hold your phone steadily, do not talk or move.
* Take measurements at room temperature, as the temperature of your finger will affect your measurement value.
* Place your finger to cover the camera without gently pressing. Pressing the camera may show your measurement value incorrectly.
* If your finger gets too hot and uncomfortable, you do not have to complete the measurement.

* SmartPulse measurements are for informational and educational purposes to support your overall health. It has not been tested in people with health problems.
* SmartPulse data, not designed for health problem detection, are not for advice.
* If you have a health problem, please consult your doctor.

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