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Have you written memo in hand? if SmartNotes. You do not need to notes to hand.

SmartNotes will be able to display the text you noted by iPhone, in iPhone and Apple Watch.
You can customize settings text size and color on Apple Watch.

■Three Features
1, Naturally & Simple UI
2, Custom Settings
 - (Watch)Text Size : 4Sizes
 - (Watch)Text Color : White/LightGray/Gray/DarkGray
 - (Watch)Watch Color : Red/White/Green/Blue
 - (iPhone)Base Color : White/Black

■SmartNotes make you smart
▽For cocktail Party situations
When you met VIPs at a cocktail party, you just note his attributes. Glancing this App notes on your Apple Watch, you never cocktail others saying!

▽For Your Presentaion situations
Everyone are nervous for speech of presentation? If a note of the talk topic, you never forget that you speak.

▽For Your Programing situations
Did you forget shortcut keys? If you note one, you can make your original shortcut cheat sheet!
Shunnosuke Suzuki