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Smart Tracker

by Salix
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Smart Tracker

by Salix
Measure your time, activity, and health. Meet the ultimate widget to display your physical activities and medical condition at a glance. No need to launch the app, just glance at your phone or watch to find all the essential metrics you need in this widget. For any goal you want to reach, Smart Tracker will accompany your journey to living and feeling better every day!

Get more active, control your overall health, and watch your activity patterns from a user-friendly interface. Tracking your activity will help you focus on your goals, see your progress and enhance the quality of your training, time management, and body health!

Are you looking for a good app with easy-to-track charts? Monitor and watch up to eighteen metrics that are essential for your overall condition. Just take a look and see your progress! Smart Tracker simply shows all the important metrics of your activity without even launching the app, and is perfectly suitable for iPhone and Apple Watch. Without the hassle of complex metrics, numbers and dashboards, you will be able to see all the essential and important metrics you need. Focus and enjoy your training, Smart Tracker will measure your steps, calories, miles, heart rate, amount of time your sleep, and more and show all of it in a glance! You can download and start using it for free!

Track Time And Duration

Measure your steps, distance, number of floors you’ve climbed, and also how much time you’ve slept, as well as calculate the time of your breathing exercises.

Monitor Your Overall Health & Weight-Loss

What’s more? You can monitor your blood glucose, track your weight, blood O2 saturation, heart rate, and heart rate variability.

Measure Walking, Running, And Jogging

You can use Smart Tracker to track the amount of time you spend walking, running, jogging. Just let the app access your location, start your activity, and monitor which location you start and end, how much duration your activity took. Also, you can monitor how many steps you’ve taken.

Keep Your Medical Information

Add your medical files and certificate, keep them in this app and reach view, and share anytime you need.

Suitable For iPhone And Apple Watch

You can sync Smart Tracker with your iPhone and Apple Watch. Stay motivated, keep the track of your progress, and record your time and exercise statistics. Change or improve your training based on charts, motivate yourself to reach better health and physical condition.

Whether you’re just getting started, trying to reach a better health condition, or training for weight loss, Smart Tracker is here for you.

Set realistic goals within a specific time. Reduce your risk to develop health conditions like stroke, heart attack, or bone fracture. Measure your activities and see how your workout affects your sleep, heart, and overall health.


- A widget with eighteen Health-related charts.
- Live Widget To Track Your Activity
- 20 multicolored themes allow you to set a large, medium, or small theme for the widget.
- Steps, Workouts, Calorie burnt, Distance, Floor Climbed
- Heart Points, Heart rate, Heart Rate Variability
- Start A Walking/Running Session or Speedometer
- Sleep, Blood Oxygen Saturation
- Weight Tracker
- Regular Breathing Exercises.
- Activity Ring: Move, Stand, Exercise

iPhone & Apple Watch:
- Steps, Heart Points, Sleep, Heart Rate, HRV, Distance, Floor Climbed.
- Workout session/Speedometer
- Sync with iPhone & Apple Watch


- Track All Your Activity, Step & Time
- Tracks your steps all day long whether your phone is in your hand, in your pocket, in your jacket, on an armband, or in your purse
- Link to Apple Health to track with your Apple Watch
- Records steps, flights, calories, distance, and active time
- Use GPS to track your outdoor walking, hiking, running, and biking on a map.

N.B: After installing the app you have to buy In-App Purchase to access full features.