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Smarson Light

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Smarson Light

Smarson Light is an awesome application software for built-in Bluetooth LED Light bulbs. It will be your easiest and most fun way to control your LED light bulbs wirelessly through Bluetooth technology on your smart devices. You can use your smart devices to switch the light on/off, adjust the dim brightness and color temperature. In addition, it has dozens of light changing programs and can adjust up to 16 million color changes.

Endless Possibilities
The real power comes from the interaction between the smart bulb and Smarson Light app. It brings endless possibilities to help you get creative and help you personalize your lighting to suit your and your family’s lifestyle. It can help you relax or concentrate, change the atmosphere of a room or bring life to a party by choosing one of the 20 pre-programmed color modes. The possibilities are endless.

Control One Control Many
It allows you to connect to multiple smart bulbs and control each one individually. You can also group them up to 5 light bulbs in a group, and control them simultaneously. The smart light bulbs can be simply screwed into your existing lamps. Then just download Smarson Light app to your smartphone or tablet, and start experiencing light in a completely new way.

Infinite Possibilities
Personalize your lighting with a color palette of over 16 million colors and different tones of white, from warm yellow to vibrant blue white.

Wake Up Mode
Use the timer option to turn your smart bulb on or off at any time. It’s a great way to wake up in the morning.

Lastly, please enjoy a much more colorful life with Smarson Light. Thank you for choosing a Smarson product - a smart person’s choice.
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