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Hi, I'm Smappee, the smartest home energy monitor you’ll meet. I would like to help you make your house smarter and save energy. I can tell you exactly how much power you’re consuming in real-time, wherever you are. On top of that you can have a smart home for the price of a smartphone with me and the Smappee Comfort PlugsTM.

See exactly how much energy you consume and produce at home.
You have a washing machine, a fridge, a freezer and so on, but do you know exactly how much they consume? I don’t just tell you; I can show you! I automatically recognise the most important appliances in your home and give you a detailed visual overview in the app. So, you can see at once how much standby power you use and which appliances are energy guzzlers. With me in your home, you will be more energy aware and you will easily save up to 30% on your energy costs. On top of that you’ll get more out of your solar panels. I can show you the highs and lows in your solar energy production. You even earn one SolarCoin for every MWh of solar energy you produce.

Get started straight away.
After installation, I display a real-time overview of your energy consumption.
Explore your home: switch on an appliance and see the grey bubble grow. Label your devices in the app and get a detailed overview of your energy flows (and costs). Let the fun begin!

A smarter home.
Transform your house into a Smart Home with the Smappee monitors and Smappee Comfort PlugsTM. These smart plugs enable you to operate your most essential home appliances remotely. But are you ready to take it even further? We'd like to welcome you to the world of 'the Connected Home'! Thanks to my compatibility with IoT-platforms, such as Amazon Echo, Qivicon, IFTTT, Conrad Connect, Stringify etc., you can experiment with all kinds of formulas to make your life easier and more comfortable than ever before. Want your coffee maker to start up when you wake up? Or the TV to turn itself off when you leave the house? Combine saving energy with greater comfort.

Nothing but benefits:
- Detect energy guzzlers and get a grip on standby power.
- View your consumption per day, month or year.
- Control appliances remotely.
- Save up to 30% on your energy bill.
- Free app in 7 languages.
- No subscription costs.
- Completely independent of your energy supplier.
- Good for your wallet and the environment

- Check the output of your solar panels.
- Automatic rewards with SolarCoins.
- Power up specific appliances with surplus solar power
- Know exactly how much it costs you to charge your electric car.
- See how much your heat pump consumes in real-time.
Smappee NV