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Slippery Cities

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Slippery Cities

Slippery Cities provides alerts of slippery weather for pedestrians in the following cities: Helsinki, Jyväskylä, Joensuu, Kuopio, Lahti and Oulu. The alerts are provided to your Apple Watch app by the service when the maintenance personnell of a city issues a slippery weather alert.

You can choose your home city and see the slippery conditions there from the Apple Watch face. You can also choose other favourite cities you want to receive slippery alerts.

During winter time, the risk of falling down is higher due to slippery conditions. With good shoes, anti-skid devices and timely road maintenance it is possible to lower the risk of falling. It is also beneficial to be aware of the danger of falling due to slippery conditions. Then you can prepare for the conditions using suitable shoes and - above all - being careful when walking outside.

Slippery Cities app will enhance your awareness of the slippery conditions so that you can prepare for them.
Antti Juustila