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Slime!! is a slime simulator.
You can select your favorite slime from over 2000 slimes(limited to 180 at first).
Feed your slime and it will grow up.
Touch and play with your slime.
You can set floor or slime texture image from whatever images/photos you like(photo/camera/built-in).
When your slime get dirty, swipe and clean it up.
Drive monsters away with tapping them.
You can add more slimes after defeating boss monster of each stage.
Apple Watch support: Screen shots of your own slime appears on your wrist. Remote tap while iPhone app running.

Other features:
iCloud data migration
Image capture
SNS posting

Related Apps:
"Slimie!!" Photo modification tool via slimes
"Slime VR" VR app of slimes(You can transfer slimes in Slime!! via iCloud save/load function)
"Slime for Kids" Simple interactive app for kids.