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Slider Calc

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Slider Calc

Slider Calc Mortgage Calculator is not your typical, boring mortgage calculator... SliderCalc is a unique, creative financial tool designed for anyone who likes to "slide" numbers around and create "what-if" scenarios when calculating mortgage payments and loan amounts.

Home buyers , real estate professionals and investors will appreciate this slick re-invention of the typical mortgage calculator as you now literally slide the numbers around.

Key Features:

• Easy to grab interactive sliders let you set and change interest rates, monthly payment amount or loan amount. And they automatically re-center so you can slide to any value, not just a preset range of values.

• Watch App is easy to use with a simple tap and dial. Slidercalc for WatchOS was designed for usability, and is aiming to be the best mortgage calculator for Apple Watch!

• Lightning Fast! Calculations that update as soon as you make a change.

• Automatically switches between calculating loan amount or monthly mortgage payment depending on what is being modified. No need for multiple screens or controls.

• Optional keyboard entry for precision when you need to calculate to the nearest $.01 or 1/1000th of a percent.

• Calculations for fixed-rate mortgages of any term. From the most popular 30-year & 15-year loans to the more unusual 10-year, 40-year or any number of years you enter.

You'll get quick answers to your loan financing questions because SliderCalc isn't bogged down with details like PMI, property taxes, insurance, down payments and closing costs. It is the perfect tool to calculate mortgage interest rates, payments, and loan amounts with the freedom to "slide" those numbers around and test alternative scenarios.

- July 22, 2010
*iOS4 Users: You will be happy to find that the bug in the % rate display has been fixed in this release. Thanks to everyone for their feedback!
Ryan Gold