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Sliced cuts through the clutter by giving you all the news you want and none you don’t.

Choose your interests and get news, sport, entertainment & lifestyle stories that are important to you from all the well-known South African and Global sources.

Your reading behaviour will also help to optimise what stories you are shown in order to make your reading experience more personal over time.

This is how Sliced can work for you:

• Select your interests from all the well-known South African and Global sources to tailor your selection of stories
• Create a profile to save your interests and access them from any device
• Easy log in using your email or social accounts
• The app learns from your reading behaviour so that it can give you more of what you want to read
• Like or dislike stories to help the app learn your preferences
• Your interest information is safe – it will never be shared with anyone
• Get an overview of the news by browsing through descriptive headlines & clear graphics
• Decide what you want to read and get it in one click
• Easily search for topics or sources
• Change the image quality or turn off images to save data
• Select your content density to control how many stories you see per screen
• Save stories to read later
• Share stories on social media, messaging platforms or via email
• Choose your font size to suit your reading preference
• Enable night mode for bedtime reading or sepia filter if preferred
• Enable push notifications so that you don’t miss out on breaking news
• Opt in to daily news email updates to your inbox

All the news you want. None you don’t.
Download the app and cut through the clutter.