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Improve Your Sleep
How did you sleep last night?
Struggling with sleep is the new normal. Like you, almost half of the population can improve their well being by improving their sleep.
This first of its kind, complete mobile solution, contains professional grade features that will help you gain knowledge and control over that unconscious third of life

From sleep analysis, to a full sleep assessment summary, through a step by step personalized sleep improvement program rooted in CBTi, Sleeprate is a one stop shop for improving your life through better sleep.

Sleeprate, Making a Difference in the World
* In Jan 2019, Philips launched its partnership with Sleeprate to provide the "SmartSleep Better sleep program. Coming Soon. Learn more here:

* Awarded the "National Alliance of Healthcare Purchaser Coalitions’" by Aetna's MindCheck in 2017. Sleeprate is proud to have a part in showing the powerful impact of improving life through improved sleep.

Sleeprate Programs
Is it important to sleep 8 hours? Why do I wake up feeling tired?
We’re all different and so are our sleep needs! Sleeprate has a personalized solution for your individual sleep goal:

Free User Experience:
This is more than a sleep tracker, it allows you insight into your night. Understand the structure and quality of your sleep. Put to bed the argument on your partner snoring, with the snoring detection feature. When used with a compatible device see how your recollection aligns with your objective analysis.

Sleep Monitoring:
This is the plan for those who want to improve their daily performance by getting insights into their sleep. Unlock more features: * Sleep cycles – sleep stages analysis. * Unlock sleep patterns over time. * Export your nightly data. * Up to 12 events of snoring and environmental noise detection.
Pair with a compatible device (see below) to receive full sleep stages analysis, stress, recovery indexes and more.
*Offered as a 1-year subscription.

Sleep Assessment:
Do you need to get more sleep? Find out from the comfort of your own bedroom! Track your sleep for 7 days, then receive an in-depth sleep report presented in an easy-to-understand format. It will include a detailed description of your sleep, identifying and explaining any issues that may be negatively affecting the quality or duration of your sleep.
*Includes a 1-year subscription for Sleep Monitoring.

Sleep Improvement Program:
Fall asleep faster, sleep through the night, and wake up refreshed, in short - reclaim your sleep.
This all-inclusive program begins with a Sleep Assessment. Knowledge is power, Sleeprate will help you uncover your exact sleep difficulties. Then, week by week the program will customize a behavioral goal aimed to retrain your sleep habits and take control of your nights. Rooted in the principles of CBTi, with content licensed from Stanford University, our sleep experts have created a program, that with your commitment, can lead you to sleeping better within 3 to 12 weeks.
*Includes a 1-year subscription for Sleep Monitoring.

Compatible Bluetooth Tracking Devices
For the most accurate sleep measurement results, we recommend you use Sleeprate with a compatible heart rate or movement tracking device.
Compatible tracking devices-
To receive sleep wake cycles:
• Apple Watch
• Fitbit Wrist Band
• Garmin Wearables
To receive a full heart rate analysis including stress and full sleep staging:
• Polar H10
• Polar H7
• Suunto Smart Sensor
• CardioSport HRM
• Wahoo TICKR (except TICKR X)
• Under Armour HRM
*We use apple health to receive your heart rate signal for sleep analysis and share that analysis with apple health when it is complete.

If you have any feedback or questions, our support team is at your service. [email protected]

Start your journey to better sleep – DOWNLOAD TODAY!