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Changing the way we sleep

** SleepIsle now supports CareKit integration. Research indicates that factors like heavy meals, exercise, daylight exposure can significantly affect your sleep efficiency. SleepIsle allows you take a proper care of your sleep along with monitoring activities like alcohol, caffeine, mood etc.

**You can significantly improve your sleep efficiency using the new Care Plan!

** SleepIsle has innovated a new feature called Chat- to sleep better. It’s an in-app purchase that can be used to chat with us to get motivated and inspired and have positive dreams!

** SleepIsle supports 3D Touch, the Health App and many more technologies!**

A sleep monitoring application that analyzes your sleep and wake you in the lightest sleep phase - slowly sensation by sensation in a rested and relaxed manner.

SleepIsle’s mission is to bring content sleep to everyone across the globe to consequently improve our world’s productivity.


You must set your watch settings to show last app to use watch alarm feature.

* As you try to fall asleep, SleepIsle plays soft dreamy melodies, that help you fall asleep in a natural way

* SleepIsle monitors your heart beats throughout your sleep & the data is stored in Health App, for you & your doctor to view patterns

* SleepIsle then slowly wakes you sensation by sensation, playing soft melodies during the 30 minute window that you set your alarm



√ Waking up at any time made the easiest! SleepIsle analyzes your sleep and wakes you in your twilight zone.

√ Health App stores your heart rate while you sleep

√ Carefully selected, high quality melodies to fall you asleep slowly and wake you up in the most natural way

√ AirPlay soothing nature videos to help you relax

√ Goodbye to sudden Ding-Ding frustrating alarms

√ Notifications recommend you the best time to have day meals for better sleep

√ Background mode - set your alarm and start sleeping - even if you wake up anytime at night, you can know at which sleep stage and in which sleep cycle you woke up

√ Sleep aid - helps you fall asleep. The intelligent mode plays dreamy melodies throughout your 1st sleep cycle's N1 sleep stage.

√ Health app - fully integrated with the Health app introduced in iOS8. Submits heart rate for your better analysis in forms of graphs, averages etc.

√ In-app support for tips to help you fall asleep or stay awake

√ Heart rate monitor - measure your sleeping heart rate throughout the night

√ Know your calories burned throughout the night while you were sleeping cozily.

√ On bonus, you may use the Alarm app to wake up silently without disturbing your partner or roomie.

√ Bluetooth Speaker support - simulate a natural way to sleep by connecting to ceiling / room bluetooth speakers. Works through iPhone as well


Humans spend 1/3rd of their lives sleeping, yet it's the most belittled activity of our lives. Getting inadequate sleep can significantly affect our lifestyles.

While sleeping we go through repeated sleep cycles, each cycle lasting approximately for 90 minutes. Each sleep cycle involves various sleep stages ranging from Light Sleep to Deep Sleep (REM Sleep Stage).

As you sleep you go through different phases, ranging from deep sleep to light sleep. The phase you are in when your alarm goes off is critical for how tired you will feel when you wake up.

SleepIsle utilizes your sleep time to monitor your sleep stage and sleep cycle to wake you in the Twilight Zone, when you can wake up feeling fresh and ready for the challenges of the day.

SleepIsle is developed keeping in mind the latest research in the field of sleep medicine, and is meant to monitor your sleep.


You can directly contact us using the in-app contact form. Starting today, we are providing priority customer support not only for technical issues but also to aid you in improving sleep


Ability to charge your devices for an hour before sleeping & an hour after sleeping!
Reshma Mittal