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Welcome to SleepHealth -- a Mobile App Study and Wellness tool from the American Sleep Apnea Association and powered by Apple’s ResearchKit and IBM Watson Health Cloud.

The SleepHealth study is being conducted by the American Sleep Apnea Association, a 25-year-old and patient-led non-profit and researchers at the University of California, San Diego. The app and study was designed and funded through the contributions of a small all-patient team of scientists, physicians, advocates and technology experts dedicated to health and data discovery in order to accelerate patient-centered and citizen research related to heart disease, hypertension, obesity, cancer, COPD, depression, Alzheimer's, motor-vehicle crashes and reduced quality of life among others.

The SleepHealth app is also a personalized tool that helps you gain greater insight into your sleep habits and sleep issues, learn how sleep is associated with other conditions you may have, and take charge of your health. You can keep track of your daily activity, sleep habits and daytime alertness in order better understand how your sleep impacts your health, safety, productivity and well-being. We want anyone that sleeps -- good or not -- to use the app and contribute to the study over years.

This study is unique in that it allows participants to be equal partners in both the monitoring of their symptoms and impact of sleep loss, as well as helping to direct future research through participating in our community forum at or engaging with the SleepHealth Blog right from your phone.
Join our research effort and start contributing today!

The app can help you measure your activity through the sensors in your iPhone, iPhone touch or the Apple Watch, or any wearable activity device linked to HealthKit. By helping you track your activity levels and giving you feedback, we aim to help people be more informed and empowered in improving their health.

Key Features:
Record and track your:
• Physical activity through your iPhone or a HealthKit-linked device
• Alertness level each day; using a scale and fun and easy test for reaction time
• Sleep habits and daytime alertness through morning and evening checks-ins to monitor how the quality
and quantity of your sleep affects your daily alertness, productivity, mood and health

Receive reminders and notifications about:
• Daily and nightly activities to improve your sleep habits and health
• Activities and surveys to complete during the 7-Day SleepHealth Activity Check Up every 3 months

Get educated:
• Learn about your activity level
• Learn about sleep health, sleep disorders and their effects on health, safety and productivity
• Receive frequent sleep and health tips and news through the SleepHealth Blog right in the app

To join the SleepHealth Mobile App Study, you need to:
• Be 18 or older

• Reside within the United States

• Be able to read and understand English

Get insights into your sleep health, get support in your journey, and give us your ideas and help direct future research. Install the app today and learn about your sleep, help research, and join the global effort to better understand sleep!
American Sleep Apnea Association