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Sleep sounds:Relax Melodies

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Sleep sounds:Relax Melodies

Listen to the voice of nature. Enjoy high quality sleep!
Being in a paradise, helping efficient work, learning, meditation!
Alleviate fatigue, stress, emotional. Try CoSleep to forget your insomnia!
Clean style, simple function, convenient and practical.

Real environment sound: using professional collection technology to restore your body and mind relax, relieve the pressure of the natural sound, effective auxiliary sleep.

Lullaby guide sleep: the melody can resonate with the soul, guide the sleep in your subconscious mind, and the use of "music therapy", think of "participatory music therapy", "music therapy" means the body and mind.

Free choice: we adjust the music for different scenes (learning, sleep, work, vacation, etc.) by psychological analysis, and adjust the volume and other functions to give you the most comfortable audio-visual enjoyment.

Exquisite and simple: the whole software is made of professional art designer, and the fresh and dark style is used to realize the hypnotic effect on the vision, and the use of the night can also effectively protect the eyes.

Music changes life: let music become your partner in life, the connotation of life will be improved. Make your sleep more efficient, energetic every day.

The revolutionary and most popular relaxing sound App, created by leading therapists. Here we provide hundreds of FREE pleasant 3D sounds, binaural beats and isochronic tones, to create ambiance and atmosphere to help you ease the mind and gradually fall into sleep.
Moreover, it's also available in various situations more than just bedtime, like deep sleep, cat nap, focus, mindfulness & meditation, or relax. All you need to do is choose your favorite mix to play. And enjoy good time whenever you like.

Welcome to download and experience, willing to create a better life with you!
Eden Snowball