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Sleep Details

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Sleep Details

Track your sleep related data and see your daily sleep score based on data collected by your Apple Watch.

Sleep Details requires an Apple Watch with watchOS 7 or later installed. Please note that Sleep Details also requires sleep duration data provided by a sleep duration tracker such as the native Sleep app provided by Apple. Sleep Details integrates with the Health app and uses data stored in the Health app.

The latest version of Sleep Details can read sleep duration data stored by 3rd party sleep trackers, but since there are differences in how and when sleep duration data is stored, we recommend Sleep Details to be used together with the native Sleep app provided by Apple.

Key features:
-Daily sleep score based on sleep duration and other relevant sleep related data
-See details of the following sleep related data: Sleep times, Activity while sleeping, Heart rate, Heart rate variability, Respiratory Rate (on devices running watchOS 8), Blood oxygen levels (SpO2 data is available only on Apple Watch series 6 devices)
-Privacy: We do not collect any data from your devices
-Receive morning notifications with last nights sleep score and sleep duration
-Rate your sleep. Your personal feeling based rating will also adjust your daily score
-Add Sleep Details as a complication on your watch faces
-On your Apple Watch you can tap different metrics to see more details
-Two week sleep score trend available on your iPhone. You can tap different days to see the sleep details of the selected day
-On your iPhone you can tap different metrics to get a description of the selected metric
-History view with your all-time averages and min/max values for all available sleep related data
-After your free seven day trial has ended you can continue to use the app by purchasing the "Lifetime access" in-app purchase. The one time purchase can also be made before the trial ends by tapping the trial end date. 
-"Lifetime access" purchase will also unlock the Sleep Details toolbar and comparison charts

How are different health metrics used to calculate your last nights sleep score? As an example your score will be lower if your last nights heart rate average is higher than your weekly resting heart rate average. In this case the heart rate ring will be colored red so you can easily spot which metrics are negatively affecting your score.

If you have any questions we will happily help you:
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