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Sleep Checkup

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Sleep Checkup

With SleepRate’s Sleep Checkup app, you can do a professional-level sleep checkup from the comfort of your own home to find out if you have a sleep problem. After 7 nights of monitoring your sleep, you receive a detailed sleep report presented in an easy-to-understand format describing your sleep situation, identifying and explaining any sleep problem(s) that may have been detected.

• Professional-level insights in a user-friendly format - Get a professional evaluation of your sleep with detailed explanations.
• Reliable assessment based on validated algorithms - Find out if you have a sleep problem such as insomnia, insufficient sleep etc.

The Sleep Checkup includes a 1-year subscription for advanced sleep monitoring. You will also get:
• A Professional Sleep Checkup
• A Comprehensive Assessment Report
• Sleep Education Videos
• Daily Sleep Data
• Weekly Sleep Data
• Smart Alarm
• Noise & Snoring Detection
• Connectivity to a Wide Range of Heart Rate and Movement Tracking Devices
• Compatibility with Apple Watch
• Apple Health Integration
• Data Export (CSV)

For the most accurate sleep measurement results, we recommend that you track your sleep with a heart rate tracking device or a movement sensor.

Some of the most popular devices compatible with SleepRate are:
• Apple Watch
• Fitbit Wrist Band
• Polar H10
• Polar H7
• Suunto Smart Sensor
• CardioSport HRM
• Wahoo TICKR (except TICKR X)
• Under Armour HRM
• Hexoskin Smart Shirts

If a sleep problem is detected, it’s quick and easy to purchase the SleepRate Sleep Therapy plan through the app so you can fix your sleep. The sleep therapy plan is delivered through the app, and is completely personalized to your specific situation, guiding you step by step until you achieve healthy sleep.
SleepRate’s Sleep Therapy plan will help you:
• Fall asleep faster
• Reduce the number of awakenings during the night
• Get more sleep, if needed
• Wake up refreshed and more energized

For more information and to check whether your tracking device is compatible with SleepRate, contact our support team at: