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Slayer Worm

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Slayer Worm

Deterrent, imperceptible, fast… Something is hiding underground… The city is in FEAR and everybody is waiting for the CATASTROPHE. Who is haunting? YOU!

Slayer Worm FEATURES:

- PLAY for the huge MUTATED WORM. Ahhrrrr!
You never know what’s your destiny - make your own disaster story!

- DESTROY cities, KILL people and animals, BRING the great CATASTROPHE
Jump out of the underground and eat your rivals!

- Make the whole city BATTLE against your FORCE
Watch the city turning into RUINS!

- Use BONUSES to become even more POWERFUL
There are several bonuses which help to manage the level. Mind your health - stay ALIVE as long as you can!

- Get SCORES for your efforts
Clear the level IN TIME and get scores!
Academ Media Games, LLC