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Track, Monitor & Log Flights on Your iPhone & Apple Watch

Record flight and block times, receive tank timer and in-flight alerts, check fuel estimates and endurance, smart detection of takeoffs and landings, automatically log airports, and much more...right from your phone or wrist.


SkyTimer is designed to provide important information at-a-glance with an intuitive interface that's easy to use in the cockpit to make your flights more efficient.

- Block, flight, and fuel tank timers are managed with simple one-tap controls to keep things quick and organized in the cockpit.
- SkyTimer automatically calculates in-flight fuel use, endurance, and quantity estimates on-the-fly using time-on-tanks and provided fuel burn rates.
- Update fuel flow rates dynamically in-flight for accurate estimates of fuel burn. endurance, and remaining fuel.
- SkyTimer's Smart Track feature uses GPS speed and aircraft Vso stall speed to automatically track takeoffs and landings.
- Get alerts on your phone or watch when it's time to change tanks or when fuel tank estimates reach levels you define.
- Your trip and aircraft data is automatically synced and backed up across your devices using iCloud. Save a flight or aircraft on your phone, see it on your watch…and vice versa.
- The unique Smart Balance feature calculates optimal tank timer duration based on tank quantity and fuel flow to keep fuel tanks balanced.
- An on-board worldwide airport database means SkyTimer automatically logs departure, arrival, and intermediate stop airports--even without Internet access.
- Note Hobbs or Tach times for each flight with a simple scroll on your phone or Digital Crown on your watch.
- Detailed flight logs of your past trips can include flight and block times, airports, out/off/on/in times, fuel details, and time-on-tanks...all synced across devices.


SkyTimer for Apple Watch was developed to provide full access to every SkyTimer feature. In fact, SkyTimer for Apple Watch was built before the iPhone app to ensure it wasn't simply created as an afterthought.

- Want to leave your phone on the ground? SkyTimer for Apple Watch will work fully on its own. Your flight log will sync with your phone with iCloud.
- Bring your phone along too and control SkyTimer from either device during flight--they'll stay in sync like magic if you have SkyTimer Plus.
- SkyTimer for Apple Watch is included with the iPhone app. And unlocking SkyTimer Plus unlocks all features on SkyTimer for Apple Watch too.
- No watch? Not a problem. You still get full functionality on the iPhone app with SkyTimer Plus.


Download SkyTimer for free and try it out--you'll be able to track block and flight times and log flights at no charge. 

With a simple in-app subscription to SkyTimer Plus, you can unlock all features on your phone and watch including:

- Fuel Quantity Tracking
- Store Unlimited Flights
- Tank Timer Management
- Auto-Track Takeoffs & Landings
- Create Multiple Aircraft
- iCloud Sync & Backup
- In-flight Phone/Watch Sync

$0.99 monthly, $9.99 annually


Price may vary by location. Subscriptions will be charged to your credit card through your iTunes account. Your subscription will automatically renew unless cancelled at least 24 hours before the end of the current period. You will not be able to cancel the subscription once activated. After purchase, you can manage your subscriptions in App Store account settings.


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