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Get a room! Skyscanner makes it quick and easy to search, compare and book hotels, anytime anywhere.

Key features:
Compare hundreds of thousands of hotels, resorts, apartments and hostels.
Find hotels near your current location. Even search last minute hotels for tonight.
Share hotel details via email and text message, to keep travel companions in the loop.
See inspiring photos and consumer reviews, to help you find the ideal room.
Exclusive new Apple Watch functionality, including a great new 'find your way back to your hotel' feature.

We search millions of hotel rooms around the world: from family friendly hotels to boutique B&Bs, backpacker hostels to 5 star all-inclusive resorts. You'll see the lowest prices and the best deals โ€“ there's no catch and no added fees.

Book a hotel in 3 easy steps:

Search for hotels

Enter your destination and your travel dates. We'll show you all rooms and rates.
Just looking for inspiration? Search for hotels in all your top destinations and you might discover unexpected deals.

Compare options

View the best hotel rates for your trip, view photos and compare reviews. You'll always see the lowest prices โ€“ but we'll also show you rates from all travel agents and hotel booking sites, so you know exactly what's available.

Book your accommodation

Chosen your perfect hotel? We'll send you direct to the travel agent or hotel website to complete your booking on your iPhone or iPad.

And that's it โ€“ download the Skyscanner Hotels app and start searching today.