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Skydive Logger

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Skydive Logger

Designed for skydivers and wingsuiters, Skydive Logger automatically records your jumps and captures detailed information so you can geek out on data back on the ground. Each jump log includes:
- Exit and pull heights
- Time in freefall
- Vertical and horizontal speeds
- Flight path displayed on a map
- And lots more...

Skydive Logger is packed with loads of additional features:
- Jump signing so you can throw away that paper logbook.
- AirPrint so you can print jump logs, including signatures.
- iCloud support to back up your jumps and make them available on larger devices, including iPads.
- Jump export to JSON and kmz formats for Google Earthâ„¢ so you can view your jump in 3D.
- Apple Watch app for in-air information like the distance and direction to the landing area (requires 200 jumps).
- Configurable in-air audio commentary telling you your speed, glide ratio, direction to landing area and much more (requires 200 jumps).
- Access HealthKit to plot your heart rate against your jump data, so you can see how calm you were at key points.

*Please note:*
For recording jumps Skydive Logger works best on iPhones that include a barometer. It can also be installed on other iOS devices for viewing the data.
Skydive Logger should only be used by skydivers with an FIA C-license or above in the UK and is not a replacement for jumping experience or common sense. Skydivers and wingsuiters outside of the UK should check local regulations or speak to an instructor before use.
Thomas Grocutt