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Skydio R1

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Skydio R1

Use the Skydio app to control your Skydio R1, the world’s first self-flying camera. R1 knows what to film and moves itself with the freedom of flight to get the best shot, making it possible to capture otherwise impossible videos of your adventures.

Launching Skydio R1 is as easy as opening an app. Simply swipe up and R1 is ready to follow you. And since R1 can launch from your hand, you can do it all without finding a flat, empty space for takeoff.

Once in the air, R1 immediately begins documenting your ride like a pro. Instead of following your phone or a beacon, R1 uses computer vision to understand what you’re doing, what obstacles to avoid, and what will happen next, letting you focus on your adventure.

Intuitive controls:

Tap to follow.
Want Skydio R1 to film you or a friend? Just tap the subject you want to follow.

Stunning cinematic capture.
Skydio R1 was engineered to capture amazing footage with an ever-growing library of unique cinematic modes such as follow, lead, side, orbit, and tripod.

Adjust the shot.
Want R1 to get a specific angle? Drag the sliders to adjust zoom & height.

Take control.
Want to take direct control of R1? Steer while maintaining full obstacle avoidance.

Land and share in seconds.
As soon as R1 lands, you can create a clip of your adventure with synchronized audio recorded from your phone that you can share.

Visit to get your hands on the most advanced autonomous device in the sky.
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