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Skullz Slotz ATW

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Skullz Slotz ATW

Are you Frustrated? Need some uplifting? Then this Casino-Slot-WatchApp is the right thing to have. You just can win with this. Because this is the ATW-Version of our «Skullz Slotz»-WatchApp. Impress your Friends, Mates and Colleagues with your endless Luck.

Skullz Slotz
The slotmachine with a twist. Haunt for spooky ghosts, red devils, grime reaper and evil skullz. And if you can catch three of them in a row you will be the winner of a pile of pupkins. Then throw in a pumpkin to roll the slots again.

Do you love Skulls? Then this is the Watch-App to have.

These little guys are so cute and adorable to play with, that you will have to pay attention not to get addicted.

For the cultivated Skull-Lover – an other fine «Z-App» from Skullz23.
M. B. Meyer