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Skullz Quotes

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Skullz Quotes

NEW: Added another 120 Skull-Quotes.

Quotes and thougts. On life and death. Get more than 150 Skull-Quotes with this Watch-App on your wrist.
Expect wise words from the big old Silver-Skull. Do you love Skulls? Then this is the Watch-App to have.

From proverbs from all over the world to the best words from the finest heads of the last centuries. From Socrates, Seneca and Virgil to Leonardo da Vinci, William Shakespeare and Edvard Munch and from Emily Dickinson, Jean Cocteau, Doris Day to Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, Jack London and Mark Twain.

So have some good quotes to make it trough the day, to become graceful and feel alive!

For the cultivated Skull-Lover out there an app from Skullz23.
M. B. Meyer