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Skate Dice

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Skate Dice

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Officially named in 'The Berrics' Top 5 Skate Apps

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The Official 'Skate Dice App’ is NOW available on the iPhone. This is 'Skate Dice' like you’ve never seen before, complete with our 'Skateboard TRICKTIONARY' and the option to 'CREATE YOUR OWN LINE'!

Do you skate and want to expand your bag of tricks? Want to challenge your buddies when you’re out at your local park or street spot? The ‘Skate Dice’ App is for YOU and can turn your most ordinary day of skating into a day of fun and progression.

The 'Skate Dice' App allows you to 'Roll the Dice' and get a random trick or combination of tricks for you to attempt anywhere you skate.

Using the 'Skate Dice' App is simple:
- Download the 'Skate Dice' App
- Launch the App when you’re out skating and ready to try new tricks
- Physically shake your iPhone to 'Roll the Dice'
- Read out the trick that the 'Skate Dice' randomly selects
- Go and try the trick!

'SKATE DICE' : Shake - Roll - Go!

- Flatground, Rail, and Transition Tricks
- Every spin direction and approach for all skateboarding tricks
- Kickflips, heelflips, hardflips, 360 flips, everything in the book.
- Rail mode includes lipslides, crooked grinds, pretzels, and more
- IN App Purchase: The Game Of S.K.A.T.E. lets you play against your friends or anyone in the world.
- ‘CREATE A LINE MODE’ comes up with a random series of tricks to try
- Spin on/off 180's and 270's for jibbing
- Big Graphics for easy viewing anywhere
- Choose a Grab wildcard option
- Difficulty settings that actually match the tricks. Easy really is easy.
- Easy, Medium and Hard Mode Settings for flatground, rails, and transition
- Literally thousands of different trick combinations
- Don’t know what the trick is? Use the first SKATE TRICKTIONARY to find out.

Want easier tricks? No problem. Just change the settings and the dice will be totally customized to you and your ability level. Flatground, rails, or transition - you decide how much of a challenge you want.
The ‘SKATE DICE’ app is the first of its kind to include a full Skate TRICKTIONARY and CREATE A LINE MODE. If you don’t know how to do a trick you roll, just hold your finger down on the dice, and the ‘SKATE DICE’ app will describe how to do it to you.

The Game of S.K.A.T.E. pits you against your friends or anyone in the world. Keep score, land tricks, and avoid getting letters. Game Center shows you how you're doing. Super fun, and NO CLAIMERS ALLOWED!

CREATE A LINE mode is ideal for riding transitions, bowls, rails, or anything you see in front of you. Just tell the ‘SKATE DICE’ app what you’re about to hit, and it will give you a totally random sequence of tricks to try. This thing is SMART too. A trick landed fakie always goes into a fakie trick with very few repeats. The ‘SKATE DICE’ app doesn’t just teach you how to do the tricks, it creates new lines for you to try as well.

For giveaways, trick updates, exclusive videos and more join the worldwide 'Skate Dice' community at

This is NOT a video game! The 'SKATE DICE' App is designed for real snowboarders to use on the hill when they are actually snowboarding.

Skateboarding is an extreme sport which can sometime results in injuries and even death. Send It! Apps / Hollis Group Ltd. and the 'SKATE DICE' staff are not legally liable for any accidents that might occur while trying the tricks the 'SKATE DICE' App suggests. If you do not feel comfortable trying a 'SKATE DICE' trick, PLEASE DO NOT TRY IT! The 'SKATE DICE' App is a progression tool, not an excuse to try something you aren't ready for. Practice Smart Style, always wear a helmet and ride to your ability level. By choosing to buy this app you agree to these warnings.

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