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Sister is a personal safety app that protects you everywhere at all times, offering security and immediate help.

With Sister you can:
- Share your live location with your friends or any trusted contact.
- Follow the safest route and avoid dangerous neighbourhoods.
- Activate a deterrent alarm.
- Ask your contacts for help and, if you want, call the emergency services.
- Register evidence: on SOS mode your phone will record audios and take images that are stored confidentially in Sister’s cloud.

How does it work?

Start your awesome sport day, trip or party night with security: share your live location with your friends, mum or partner to feel safer on your way.

If you add your destination, the GPS will guide you along the safest route. Explore the different map views to see and avoid dangerous neighbourhoods, where other Sister users like you have recently asked for help.

Once you reach your destination, stop sharing your location: just insert your PIN and log off.

Are you in danger?

If you feel threatened click on SOS; we'll notify your trusted contacts on Sister that you need help. Also, your phone will record audios and take images of the surroundings that will be stored only on in Sister’s cloud to help you file a complaint if you need.

Sometimes, unfortunately, we need professional help; that is why the emergency services’ number will be displayed on your screen for you to call with just a click.

Are you fine or was it a false alarm? 

Cancel the alert with your PIN; we will inform your contacts that you are safe and sound!

Sister is not just an app, it is a technological ally in the fight against sexual harassment. Currently, we work with international NGOs to improve the safety of girls and women around the world.
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