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Sister is the most complete safety app, it is female-led and tailor-made to ensure safety at home or outdoors. Asking for help is discreet and can be done for both prevention and emergency.

With Sister you can:

- Choose your trusted contacts and share your live location with them.
- Follow the safest route, seeing the police stations nearby and the risk zones of your city.
- Activate a deterrent alarm.
- Ask for help to your contacts and, if you want, to the emergency services.
- Register evidence: on SOS mode your telephone records automatically audios and take pictures that are stored on Sister’s cloud.

How does Sister work?

Sister provides security 24/7 to be protected all day long and walk without fear.

#1 Prevention

Use Sister to share your whereabouts with your trusted people so they can walk you home in real time. You can also select the safest route, seeing the nearby police stations and the risk areas, where other users on Sister have asked for help.

# 2 Reaction

If you are in danger, activate SOS with one click and we'll send your live location to your contacts, notifying them that you need their help. Also, we'll display the number of the emergency services for you to call if you want. If something happens, you can always use the evidence that the app registers and stores confidentially in its cloud, never in your phone.

Sister is not just an app, it is a technological ally in the fight against sexual harassment. Currently, we work with international NGOs to improve the safety of girls and women around the world.
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