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*As Featured on Cinema5D*

Sirius is designed with the guerrilla filmmakers and photographers in mind. It aims to bring you a powerful and portable video light that you can use on your everyday devices. Open Sirius on an iPad, put it in a briefcase and you might just have Pulp Fiction’s Vincent and Jules come looking for it! Maybe that's what was in the case… but that's another story. When you’re on a set or filming a scene inside a car that’s when Sirius shines (pun intended). You can easily use your iPhone in tight spaces for a filler, accent or even a key light. Additionally you have the ability to use Kelvin temperatures and a variety of colours as gels. Oh and if that’s not enough there are various VFX trackers for screen replacements.


- You can simply pick RGB colours or Kelvin Temperatures that best fit your scene. These lights can be added to your favourites and be used in your next set up.

- Choose your patterns
Sometimes you need a smaller source of light or maybe the bigger the better. No worries, Patterns can be selected based on your (lighting) needs.

- Reactive to sound
As a smart light, Sirius has unique features. You can make it react to the surrounding sounds. It can be great for horror films or as your mischievous AI characters. Possibilities are countless.

- Double tap to save battery
Once you need to save battery, all you have to do is double tap on the screen and put it in Power Save mode. It minimises the brightness while retaining all your options. When you're ready to shoot, double tap again and it will quickly brighten up.

- Screen Tracker and Touch Trackers // Screen replacement made easy
Sirius can do it better. It's perfect for screen replacement. It has a variety of screen trackers, as well as touch trackers. The chroma colours are specifically set with the post-production process in mind.

- AirPlay Support
You can now use your AirPlay capable devices as a light source! Or use screen trackers on them to make your life easier in post. All you need to do is enable screen mirroring and choose your preferred settings on your device. Best of all, changes will be made in realtime.

We’ve got exciting new features coming your way in the next few updates, but do let us know if you have any suggestions!
Shervin Shirazian