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The app made for best Chord Progression Analysis and Exploration.
You can play any chords with a few fingers, like a magic.

Yes! You can play
- any chord types (Major, minor, dominant, aug, dim, sus),
- any tensions (Maj7/9/6/11, min7/9/6/11/M7, dom7/9/11/13, etc.)
on your iPhone, iPad and Watch.
You do not have to twitch your fingers and hands anymore on conventional mobile software's tiny musical keyboards!

And more, it's FREE now!

This is the 'Chord-maniacs MUST-HAVE' app.

V3.0 features:

New gestures system:
New simpler gestures system enables broader and more complex chord progression much easier than previous version!

Scale Triad feature:
You can select scale root and play its triads with one finger gesture.
Very quick to play basic scale chords, with quick transpose.

iPadOS support:
iPadOS is compatible from this version.

watchOS App also improved:
Thanks to watchOS6, watchOS app becomes independent.
And thanks to SwiftUI, the chord progression can be easily edited.
And tiny keyboard is available as well! Tilt makes tensions. Wow!

With brand-new 'siner', let's explore deep chord expression world on your hand and wrist, anytime,
This is very first easiest tool ever to play chords on mobile with perfect freedom!

This app runs only on iOS/iPadOS 13 or watchOS6.
Please mentioned that older OSs are not supported.
Hitoshi OSAKA