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If you ask yourself questions like:
- How long has it been since I changed my toothbrush?
- I wonder how long have we been in lockdown now
- How often do I need a haircut?
- How long since I stopped biting my nails?

This app gives you a straight answer
- It’s been 72 days since you changed your toothbrush
- We have been in lockdown for almost 2 years
- You get a haircut about every 24 days
- You are 75% in your goal to give up nail biting, onwards!

Designed to quickly add an occurrence and go about your day. Then one fine evening sit.. relax.. analyse the data and ponder what you have been doing with your life. Maybe it’s time to be a good human being and call grandma.

** No Ads: No one likes them, I especially hate them **

** It’s your data, I don’t need it **
I am not in the business of selling your data. Your data stays on your device and is backed up in your own iCould. I have no use of your data. In fact, this app has no backend. The only network activity of this app will be Apple syncing data to your iCloud.

** Will this app exist in 20 years? **
I think the utility of this app comes from long term usage. I started this app to track my own activities and plan to continue doing so. I have been developing on Apple platform for over a decade and I see no reason to discontinue that.

Enjoy the app! Feedback & suggestions are welcome.
Nirbhay Agarwal