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Simply Random

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Simply Random

Simply Random is just that, an app that effortlessly generates random lists of predefined data, with the ability to export those generated lists as a string via iOS share sheet.
Share with others or save the data to your device.

** Sharing and Saving not available on WatchOS version.

Includes: Dark Mode.

== Random lists that can be generated:

Numbers - Wholes numbers, fractions, binary numbers
Characters - Letters, symbols, letters and symbols
Binary Choice - True or false, coin toss, yes or no
Colours - Names, Hex, RGB
Dates + Time - Date, year, month, day, time
Games - Dice rolls (4 - 20 sides), Playing cards, Rock Paper Scissors, Chess
Directions - Compass, Degrees, Up Down Left Right
Positions - Latitude and longitude
Leighton West