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Simplest Pill Reminder

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Simplest Pill Reminder

The simplest and user friendly pill reminder!

It can calculate and set all possible timers automatically. You have only to press the taken pill on the screen and it saves the state of the pill every day. If you have a personal problem, you can set the pill as problematic.

If you can't take the pill, it will remind for you later (max 12 hours, then it set the pill like lost). You can't go wrong. It's completely automatic and intelligent.

"Simplest Pill Reminder" is designed and made to simplify the life of girls and ladies!

- Automatic timer calculation
- Smart scheduling
- 21, 24 or 28 pills mode
- Simple user Interface
- Button to set a pill as "problematic"
- Customizable frequency of notifications
- Color customization
- Sound customization
- Automatic date and time format
Luca Rullo