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SimpleCommands allow you to interact with your digital world more effectively, more efficiently, and on your terms. The phone and watch apps, enable control and ubiquitous access to your digital life from a variety of “Listeners” such as your Apple Watch, SMS, Slack, and Google Home. SimpleCommands makes it simple to send commands to your connected “Items” like home automation technology, digital services, etc. with a couple taps in the watch app, or via SMS/voice.

Step 1: Add your Connections
After you’ve created an account, it’s quick and easy to get going. Use the phone app to securely link your digital products and services (your “Connections”) to SimpleCommands. Once you have added a Connection, the Items from that Connection are immediately accessible via your Listeners.

Step 2: Enable your Apple Watch, SMS and other Listeners
Enable the Listeners you already use and SimpleCommands will help make them smarter. SimpleCommands makes ubiquitous access available from the app on your Apple Watch, via SMS, and through a number of platforms like Google Home, Slack, and others.

Step 3: Use SimpleCommands
Start sending commands! SimpleCommands allows you to communicate on your terms with your Items from anywhere, anytime. You’ll find SimpleCommands indispensable when it comes to managing smart home hubs, scheduling ride sharing, and more. It will change how you communicate with all of your smart (internet-enabled) things!.

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