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Simple Zen timer

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Simple Zen timer

It is the simplest meditation application.
With this application anyone can easily meditate. It is recommended especially for those who apply to the following.
"I want to train concentration" "I want to raise my memory" "I want to relax" "I want to sleep well" "I want to wear self-control not frustrated" "I want to succeed diet and smoking cessation"

■ Recommended meditation method using this application
If you are a meditation beginner, why do not you look at it for the first time from a breath meditation for 2 minutes?
Let's concentrate consciousness only in breathing until the alarm of the end is set with the timer set in 2 minutes in the application.
It is okay not to concentrate consciously just to breathe well. If you think about something else, please turn your attention to breathing again. Frontal lobes are trained when restoring that consciousness.

Why do not you extend the meditation time as 5 minutes and 10 minutes as you become gradually getting older?

It is too famous that Apple founder Steve Jobs was a practitioner of meditation.
Also, even a huge company like Google, SIY (Search Inside Yourself) mindfulness training has been adopted as an internal mechanism, and its effect is being demonstrated.

Why do not you start meditating today?

This application uses HealthKit to acquire heart rate during meditation. Apple Watch is required for heart rate measurement during meditation.
Masayuki Yamaji