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Simple Migraine Tracker

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Simple Migraine Tracker

Log and track migraines with one simple tap. No questions asked.

Simple Migraine Tracker was designed to be a better solution for one important reason: simplicity.

We set out to create a convenient migraine tracker that automatically collects all the data you need in one simple step.

The last thing you want to do when you get a migraine is play 20 questions or fill out a form. We know that when you get hit, it’s all you can do to tap a single button. So we set out to make an app that collects data automatically.

Your phone is already collecting data about your location, the weather, the time and your activity. Why not use this wonder of technology to fill in all the details?

It makes sense to us, and we think it will help you, too.

With one simple tap, Simple Migraine Tracker will:
* Record the time and compare it to your last attack.
* Automatically show attack history by time of day, day of the week and month.
* Record weather information at the time of the attack including temperature, barometric pressure and conditions.
* Automatically show repeating patterns in weather data to help you spot trends and triggers.
* Record your location so you can see where your attacks are occurring over time.
* Record recent fitness activity including move, exercise and stand activities so you can assess stress.
* Sync all of your attacks between your devices.

Simple Migraine Tracker uses HealthKit to read your activity and help you find trends. It reads your heart rate and other biometric data in order to do so.

Only you can see this information. Your privacy is always our concern and we’ll never share your private information.

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