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Simple Golf Counter

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Simple Golf Counter

This app was created for use by all golfers. It is easy to keep score while you are playing. You don’t need a scorecard. It can be used on Apple Watch, too. Even if you are out of cell signal range, you can use it. The total score will be quickly, automatically calculated.

We plan to increase the functions in the future.

1. Inputting data is easy.
After selecting a full round or a half, you only tap on your screen each stroke.

It is available to input the score of tee shots on the same screen.

2. NO CELL SIGNAL is necessary.
This app is available when you don’t have cellphone reception.

You can record score without a network.

3. It can be easily used on Apple Watch.
You can input score without iPhone, so, you don’t need to take out it from your pocket.

It has simple UI the same as iPhone, so it is easy to understand.

Your opinion will help us improve the app and it more convenient.