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Welcome to Simori

· Turn on the game and make sure you have enough power in your brain.

· When the green button blinks, press it to start a game.

· The game will emit a random sequence of lights and sounds. Pay close attention to the sequence as you will have to repeat it.

· When it's your turn, repeat the sequence by pressing the buttons in the same order they were presented. For example, if the game lights up and makes sounds in the following order: green, red, yellow, blue, you should press the buttons in that same order.

· If you reproduce the sequence correctly, the game will add another step to the sequence and challenge you with a longer sequence. Keep repeating the correct sequence as the game advances to higher levels.

· If you make a mistake while repeating the sequence, the game will emit sounds and lights to indicate that you have made an error. In that case, you will have to start over from level 1.

· The game continues to increase in difficulty as you progress.

Have fun playing Simori and challenge your memory and sequence tracking skills!
Ivan Cerra de Castro