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Simba Sleep

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Simba Sleep

Simba Sleep helps you achieve better quality sleep without a wearable tracker.
In-app sleep tracking and step-by-step personalised coaching empower you to transform your sleep habits and achieve deep and restorative sleep - each and every night.

- Discover your personal sleep persona and how to optimise your own unique sleep routine.
- Relaxing sleep sounds and bedtime stories to help you drift off
- Sleep tracking creates daily, weekly and monthly sleep visualisations so you can easily see your progress.
- Proven sleep coaching advice inspired by experts in sleep psychology, neuroscience and behaviour change
- Connects to your iOS Health data and Apple Watch for holistic health tracking

Sleep is a key element of health, but one size doesn’t fit all. Simba Sleep gives you the tools you need to track your sleep and change your habits to achieve a great night’s sleep.
Simba Sleep