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Anyone who snores at night is usually exhausted and not well rested the next morning. But not only that, the (spouse) partner is also prevented from sleeping because of the noise.

Most of the time you will be confronted with the words: "I have to fall asleep before you, otherwise you will start snoring and I won't be able to sleep."

Snoring can thus become a real test of patience and there are even said to be cases where partners are no longer (able to) sleep in the same room.

Although the number of men who snore is higher, there are also many women who snore. Therefore, this problem affects all genders.

There are several possible remedies on the market. But not all of them deliver what they promise, are expensive or very unwieldy.

This Anti-Snore-App is an anti-snoring solution that works through a completely "natural" concept.

In the past, did your partner, with a (gentle) nudge, make you change your sleeping position to stop snoring?

This practice is a common method between many couples in bed to stop the other from snoring.

This approach often serves its purpose. However, it is usually the case that both are awake at night and then have to fall asleep again.

Our Anti-Snore-App automatically fulfills exactly this purpose without anyone having to wake up for it.

After a short orientation period, our Silent Night app promises you:

- restful and regenerative sleep for everyone involved
- reduced disturbance of the partner's rest
- improved oxygen intake due to the shifting of the body

Our app uses state-of-the-art algorithms from the field of machine learning. We use it to evaluate your current sleeping sounds and provide you with unconscious assistance through vibrations.

Of course, your data remains completely recorded on the device and will be deleted immediately after evaluation. This means that not only your restful sleep but also the protection of your data is in the forefront.

Likewise, all processes operate directly on the device, data and radio connections can be independently deactivated by you (recommended!) overnight.

Disclaimer for medical services

This Anti-Snore-App is not a medical device and is not intended to replace professional medical advice and/or diagnoses. The Anti-Snore-App is not intended to diagnose or treat respiratory failure or other diseases/medical conditions. Please consult a licensed physician before making any decisions or taking any actions that may affect your health, safety and well-being. Do not ignore professional advice based on things you have seen, heard or read on the app, website or social media. Always consult a healthcare professional if you have questions or concerns about your snoring or overall health.
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