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Signals for HomeKit

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Signals for HomeKit

*** Featured by Shane Whatley - "Will let you flash any of your HomeKit lights.. and either set the light back to the original state… or set it to a new state after flash. Really cool stuff!"
*** Featured on - "as a dad of three, I need less noise in our house, so I am really enjoying using Signals for HomeKit"
*** Featured on - “create tons of distinct signals that cover scenarios like announcing dinner time, or letting someone know that they are taking a little too much time in the shower.”
*** Featured on - "Our favorite tips and tricks for making the most out of Apple HomeKit"
*** Featured on - "save your lungs, and get this app"
*** Featured on - "clever way to get someone’s attention in your home"

Communication at home takes many forms — we want more of the dinner-time conversations, but we could do with less of the loud knocking on doors, banging on ceilings, and shouting up stairs. If you have a HomeKit home, why not take advantage of it, and use your lights to help communicate?

Introducing Signals for HomeKit, the best way to communicate in the home, without all the shouting.

Signals works with any of your bulbs, switches or outlets with lights attached - have a kid who plays video games with headphones on? Just tap on their light to give it a few flashes.

Take it to a new level with the Signals Plus In-App Purchase, and put some meaning behind your flashes:

- Create a Time to Go Signal to flash the kids bedroom lights, and then set their night lights green
- A Dinner Time Signal can pulse lights in the bedrooms and the office, and then set them to blue
- Even setup a “GET DOWN HERE NOW” signal, to flash the kids’ lights red, and keep them that way!

Trigger your Signals in multiple ways — in the app, with your voice or automations using Siri Shortcuts, or with our beautiful Widgets!

Whether you have kids, or someone in the family with a hearing disability, Signals for HomeKit can help quiet things down, and keep the conversations face to face, rather than shouted through the house.

- Any HomeKit equipped light bulb, switch or outlet. Switches or outlets must be configured with a light attached. HomeKit must already be configured.
- Compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 15 required.

Usage Notes:
- If you have a bulb or switch with a slow ramp/fade rate, try shortening this rate in the manufacturers app, if the flash isn't noticeable - if this doesn't work, please let us know at, so we can help find a solution!
Matthew Corey