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Siedle for Access

by Siedle
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Siedle for Access

by Siedle
The Siedle app for Access turns the iPhone or iPad into a mobile extension of an Access door intercom from Siedle: It allows you to see who is standing outside your door, talk to visitors at the entrance and open the door if you choose – no matter where you happen to be. The connection is established via WLAN or via the mobile phone network* (e.g. 3G).
If the app is not activated or if the bandwidth of the data network is not sufficient, the Access server automatically establishes a speech connection via the telephone network (call function). The call function is only available for the iPhone.
The Siedle app for Access can also perform switching and control functions, for example door release, light, garage door or shutters. Switching and control functions are encrypted for security purposes.

* The Siedle app for Access transmits the audio signal via the data channel of the mobile phone network (VoIP).
Depending on the tariff and contractual conditions of the network provider, this use of the network may be inadmissible or entail costs. Some providers also attempt to prohibit or restrict VoIP functionality. The degree of voice quality depends on the local signal strength of the mobile network.

- Audio and video door communication
- Handsfree function
- Secure door release function
- Switch-over between landscape and portrait format for video (iPhone)
- Switch-over between landscape and portrait format for the entire app (iPad)
- In-call volume adjustment possible
- Microphone muting
- Manual door dialling
- Doormatic function on/off
- Call function (server calls iPhone)
- Encrypted switching and control functions
- Internal calls with Access system users
- Personal address book (Access) with status display
- Video memory function on Access server
- Access the video memory, display, copy or delete pictures
- Delivery of images by e-mail
- Different ringtones
- Home page with individually collated functions

System requirements:
- Siedle Access V. 2.3.0
- iPhone 5/5S/5C/6/6+/6s/6s+/7/7+, iPad 2nd/3rd/4th generation, iPad mini, iPad Air