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Shri Stotram

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Shri Stotram

In this fast pace and busy world, knowledge and culture is something that you want to share with everyone and especially with your family, and getting all those in your pocket or on your wrist is a charm.

Presenting an application for 'Stotras' and 'Mantras' that you can show to your kids to make them learn those in a more interactive and educative way. The app being available for all devices, the whole family can sit together and learn together.

'Shri Stotram' app was started with 10 initial 'Stotras' and 'Mantras'. The app will get regular updates to add more and more 'Stotras' so that the learning never gets end. Our aim is to make the difficult things learn more easily and in a more fun way.
Diptangshu Mandal