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Our Showfit HR Zones is a watch application is stand alone application, but at the same time you need to use HealthKit on your mobile phone application to upload and get access to your workout data and statistic from your exercising.

The unique feature for Showfit application is that you can use it along with our desktop Showfit Class Creator – SCC in a group class session. You can also use it for individual workout session at home, at the gym studio or outdoor. Our desktop SCC is used to workout presentation through a group class session on a wall screen(s) inside the exercise studio with the same vertical intensity profile as you see on the watch.

The very best part of the application is that you always can see in real time how much time you have spent in each zone and percent of total duration time during the workout combined with growing time accumulated color zone bars. Then you get an even better intensity control during the workout and can compare it with the group class instructor intensity zone profile on the wall screen through the session.

In addition to this you obviously get an overview of the heart rate, percentage of maximum heart rate, calorie consumption and duration time. You can also use the app outdoors to see distance, speed, altitude and duration time.

Both Showfit HR Zones watch application and desktop Showfit Class Creator have both the same default pedagogical 5 zones and color code interface. Simple to use and easy to understand the watch application workout information through a group class session or when you use it for your individual cardio workout indoor in your living room or outdoor.

A 5 zones pillar zone column with thin zone 1 at the bottom to wider zone 5 on top. A horizontal indicator shows you which zone and where you are inside the actual zone.

On the right side, you have a big heart icon that view the actual zone number and have the same color filling as the actual pillar zone column. Inside the heart you also have % percent icon with the actual percent numbers for your Maximum Heart Rate - MHR.
Both the heart icon and the actual zone part of the pillar column is flashing.

People understand information differently. That why we make bigger number and combined color zone and text number in same color, big icons, indicator, flashing heart/pillar zone so everyone who participated into a group class easily can read and understand the actual and relevant workout data and compare it with the instructors
intensity profile plan on the wall screen.

View the same 5 zones as for screen-1, but with horizontal bars who growing with accumulated duration time zone filling color for the actual zone.The actual zone has an arrow indicator on the left side and the actual zone who is flashing. Down on the screen it switches after 15 seconds with information with the big heart rate icon and then after 5 second with the calorie burning, plus duration time.

Same as screen-2 but bigger with only bars / zones where you get both accumulated duration time zone filling color and above with duration time and percent of total duration time for this zone. In the bottom you see the actual heart rate on the left side and total duration time on the right side.The purpose for this screen is to give you exact duration time each zone, plus percent of total duration time.

This is a summary for through and after ending the session. Maximum / Average / Minimum heart rate for this session. Combined with calorie burning/burned and the duration time through and after the session.

This screen is workout information when you are exercise outdoor. Give you workout information about distance, speed and duration time. We try to combined this screen with different color icon and text, plus bigger size of the numbers information. We hope it will be more easy to ready and understand through your workout.
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