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Shower Watch

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Shower Watch

*** Please use this app *only* with your water resistant Apple Watch Series 2 and higher! ***

"Shower Watch" offers a fun, exciting and new way to help you cut down your water consumption in the shower, while using your Apple Watch! The Apple Watch is water resistant and you can take it with you in the shower. We believe that this offers a unique opportunity to create awareness of your water consumption in the shower..... and reduce it! And the good thing is, it will also help you cut down your water bill !!!

Your iPhone app is your Control Dashboard. Here you check your water consumption throughout the last week, month or year. You also use your iPhone app to set the timer and the type of shower head you are using.

Once this is all set, just step into the shower every day while wearing your Apple Watch. On the Watch, launch the app, and Start and Stop the shower timer. While showering, you can check the actual volume of water you have used thus far.

* Display historical data of past week, month and year
* Countdown from a set showering time, or use the timer as a stopwatch (starting and stopping manually)
* Control your showering time and water usage on your Apple Watch (in the shower!)
* Choose from 3 standard shower heads, or enter the flow rate of your shower head directly for most accurate results
* Receive notification when your countdown timer hits zero: never use too much water!
* Choose from different units to display the volume of water: liters or gallons

Enjoy this app and conserve water!
Lovepreet Sharma