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Open Location

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Open Location

There are many good apps for navigation or for displaying maps. Unfortunately, you can only rarely search for a location in one app and open it with another.

And that's exactly where this app comes in. Most apps offer to share locations. So you just share it - and then select the "Show location" action, which is provided by this app.

Everyday example: I found a point of interest on Google Maps or Yelp. I share it via the "Share Location" action. Then I choose e.g. 'TomTom', because this might be my favorite app for car navigation. Or I could choose 'UBER' to order a ride. Or maybe 'Outdooractive' to hike to this location.

SHOW LOCATION works with:

- geo-tagged photos
- geo: links
- textual coordinates
- Apple Maps
- Citymapper
- Google Earth
- Google Maps
- GPX waypoints
- Guru Maps
- here
- Komoot
- Lyft
- OsmAnd Maps
- Pocket Earth
- TomTom Go
- Waze
- Yelp
Michael Hoereth