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Track your basketball shooting skill with Shotistic! Wear your Apple Watch as you play and let us keep track on your 2-pointers, 3-pointers, and free throws. Tracking and improving your shoots just became super easy and practical. Download and try Shotistic now!

Most solutions to track your skill are expensive and not practical (i.e setting app camera or movement sensors). Shotistic is the most economical way to track your basketball shooting practice. Our app is FREE. You can’t get anymore economical than that! You can even use Shotistic if you don’t have an Apple Watch.

• Track your shooting skill automatically with Apple Watch
• Simple and intuitive to use.
• Fast, economical way to track your shots.
• View STATS in real time
• Manual tracking options if you don’t have an Apple Watch.
• Improve your basketball shooting skill.
• Able to detect successful/ misses even when you’re dribbling.

How to use Shotistics when paired with Apple Watch:
Shotistic is designed to detect your movement when you wear your Apple watch and keep track your shots and misses based on your gestures. Before you practice your shots, open our app and select which type of shots you are practicing (2 pointers, 3 pointers, or free throws). If your throw is successful, turn your wrist inward. If you miss, turn your wrist outward. You may need to practice for a while before you get used to using Shotistic to track your basketball shooting. The Apple Watch will vibrate in confirmation when the shot is recorded.
You can see the diagram of the gestures on our website (

You can also use Shotistic if you don’t have an Apple Watch. To use Shotistic without Apple Watch, you need to enter your shooting log manually to your iPhone.

For more information about our app, please visit our website:
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