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Use the ShotDoctor Apple Watch app to identify the unwanted guide hand movements during your shot. It keeps young players from developing bad habits and assists experienced players to remove incorrect movements when shooting.

We would love to hear from you! Whether you are a good, bad, beginner or pro player, send us your feedback and let's improve the game of basketball together.

***How It Works***
For use with Apple Watch. Wear watch on guide hand (non-shooting hand) and ShotDoctor app will alert when it identifies correct or incorrect guide hand rotation. Green numbers are GOOD. Red numbers are BAD.

If you have Make/Miss 'ON', it will also record if you made a shot. Just keep shooting for a 'Miss' and tap 'Make' on the screen when you make the shot.

***Two Modes*** (You can practice with or without a basketball goal in either mode)
1. Form Shooting Mode:
Shoot in a free play format and the Apple Watch will provide haptic feedback of how your guide hand is being used during your shot. Try all three levels - ROOKIE, COLLEGIATE, and PRO.

2. Drill Mode:
Start on the ROOKIE level (easiest) and take 10 shots. If you make 8 or better, step up to COLLEGIATE level (a little harder), make 8 or better and step up to the PRO (hardest). Shoot correctly 10 times in a row and achieve a PERECT score!
Wesley Horne