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Shotbud is a full shot timer that uses the sensors in your watch to detect and isolate your shots.

What makes Shotbud work?

• We combine audio and motion data to remove false‑positives, so Shotbud works even around other shooters!

• Run different drills by setting a par time.

• See your results and split times.

• Quickly adjust between modes using our built-in presets, including Live Fire, Dry Fire, CO2 Dry Fire, and Airsoft.

• Optionally adjust microphone, echo, and motion sensitivity.

Shotbud is free for a limited time. We will be adding more features. During this time we would especially appreciate any feedback from users.

Software Requirements:

• Shotbud is made for devices running iOS 13+ and watchOS 6+.

• Shotbud uses your watch's microphone to detect the audio of your shots.

• Shotbud integrates with the Health app on your watch to detect your heart rate and to run on older devices while the screen is off.
Shotbud LLC