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Shot Memo -Golf score-

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Shot Memo -Golf score-

Easily record your golf scores!
Record your shot location on a map in conjunction with GPS!
Automatically detects your swing with your AppleWatch!

ShotLogger is a golf score management application.
It allows you to enter your score for each hole, save your GPS location information, and display the location of your shots on a map.
When you use the AppleWatch app, it automatically detects your swing, saves your location information, and counts your score automatically, so you can concentrate on playing without being distracted by operations.
(It is possible to use the iPhone alone, but due to the risk of slow play, we recommend using the AppleWatch app)

1.Golf course search function (Par and yardage are not linked. Manual input is available. Only golf courses in Japan are supported.)
2.Enter the number of shots and putts.
3.Register shot locations (GPS)
4.Swing detection (AppleWatch only)
5.Club Registration (iPhone only)
  You can select the number of shots when you register.
6.Display round results
Display total score, half score, and hole information
7.Display results by hole
Map display of shot locations, display and editing of score and hole information
8.Display of detailed golf course information (only available for Japanese golf courses)

【How to use】
・Adding rounds
- Display the [+] button in the upper right corner of the top screen and search for the name of the golf course (nearby courses can also be searched using GPS).
- Enter round information and save your round (number of holes, IN/OUT, course rotation, weather, tee positions)
・Registering a shot
- After adding a round, the shot registration screen will be displayed.
- If you use AppleWatch, please launch the Watch app
- Manual score registration (without location information): Press the △ buttons on the left and right sides of the screen
- Manual score registration (with location information): Press the [Register Shot] button at the bottom of the screen
- When you hole out, click the [Next Hole] button (the location information will be registered as the pin position).
- Editing will be completed when the prescribed number of holes (9H or 18H) are entered.
・Check round results
- Select the round you want to check from the list on the TOP screen.
- If you want to check the details of each hole, go to the round details screen and select the hole you want to check.

・If you allow it to work with the Health app, it will store information about your activity (steps, distance traveled, energy burned) in rounds using the Apple Watch.(via HealthKit API)

For more detailed instructions, please refer to the settings in the app.