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Shortnotes — Quick Access

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Shortnotes — Quick Access

Shortnotes is perfect for all the little stuff that is not a "real" note. Your colleague's name, license plate, codes, room numbers, medicine names etc. Just put them down in one place and access them on your iPhone, iPad and Apple Watch. Organize your notes in folders, attach tags and photos. View your favorite notes in the Today Widget. 
For pupils and students: now it's possible to prepare also large notes on your desktop computer and import them later in Shortnotes! Good luck ;-)

- Simple adding and deleting notes
- Attaching images to the notes
- Text formatting options
- Import of the text files (.txt .rtf)
- Export as text file (.rtf)
- Organize your short notes in folders
- Changing the sort order of the notes
- Favorites view
- Filter notes by tags
- Favorite notes are displayed in the App Widget (Today Extension)
- Favorite notes are displayed on your Apple Watch

Shortnotes Pro:
- Enjoy the full set of functions without any limitations
- Your purchase will help support the ongoing development of Shortnotes.
Ilya Gorodnyanskiy